L.A. Startup Reinvents Relocation

Relocity ServicesRelocity, an innovative relocation company, recently announced the launch of its exclusive concierge-type relocation services to the Los Angeles market, with more cities coming soon. Until now, the service was available only by invitation or through referral.

After field-testing and perfecting the approach for over a year with tech companies and Fortune 500 clients, Relocity now promises to disrupt the industry by making relocation more personal, convenient, cost-effective, and stress-free than ever before.

Relocity for Business

For companies who are not satisfied with the limited services offered by legacy relocation providers, Relocity provides a comprehensive concierge-level service designed to “on-board” employees outside the office in all aspects of life in their new city.

For Individuals Too

And yet Relocity’s services are not just for companies and their employees. While traditional relocation companies focus entirely on corporate clients, Relocity is making its concierge-type services available to the general public, providing a level of personal attention and assistance that was previously available only through an employer.

A Holistic Approach

Unlike traditional relocation services that provide short-term packages and disappear the moment the last box has been delivered, Relocity manages every aspect of a client’s move on both the departure and arrival sides. Then, they stick around to make sure that the client and their family are fully integrated and happy with their new life – all at a lower cost.

Available services range from orientation tours, to finding the right neighborhood, choosing a home, finding schools, acquiring sitters/nannies, doctors, personal trainers, hairdressers, outdoor activities, arts, culture and more.

The illustration below gives an indication of the full range of services.

Relocity’s Services

The Personal Host

A key innovation in the Relocity business model is the introduction of the “Personal Host,” a concept invented by Relocity. The Personal Host is a relocation consultant who is matched to the client by common interests, and who is available on-site to assist them personally with all the complications and challenges of moving.

Flexibility Means Lower Cost

And yet, instead of having to purchase set packages of time with a consultant (as at traditional relocation firms), a Relocity Personal Host is scheduled by the hour, for an “a la carte” model. This allows customers to pay only for time spent on their behalf, for a lower total cost. Online scheduling makes the service mobile and flexible.

Relocity understands that relocating a life is about more than just transporting material possessions from one place to another. It is about integrating people into a new environment, helping them find their bliss, and giving them everything they need to live a fulfilled life.